Thursday, May 6, 2010

Custom Swag - Geocaching "Compass"

My post from May 4th shows me picking up some compass party favors from a local dollar store. These "compasses" are non-functioning, but 6 geocaching-related party favors for $1 certainly piqued my interest. i bought all five bags and took them home, my head already spinning on how to utilize them.

Now, these compasses would be welcome in any ammo box right out of the package. But, HEY! i'm a graphic artist. i have to add some FLAIR. So, my thoughts immediately fell to the compass design i utilized on the Geocaching Licenses i created (special thanks to Renzo), so i made some modifications and voila!

The first step was removing the clear plastic lens that enclosed the "compass." A #11 X-Acto blade worked nicely. The needle, which is plastic and non-magnetic and held in place by the lens was easily removable at this point.

The image for the inside was created in Adobe Illustrator, and i ganged 6 onto a 4-inch by 6-inch document. i then uploaded the file to the Walgreens website, and in an hour they printed a photo which cost only 19¢. Then i cut the circle out and inserted it into the compass case.

The only remaining step was to re-affix the "needle" and lens, then we're done! A custom swag item at bargain basement prices.

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